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You must have seen online or offline advertising of offers of ‘24-hour loan’, ‘Saturday loan’ or ‘weekend loan’. What are these and are they legit? Let’s try to figure out in this article.

What features of loans open today are there?

The weekend lending is a common name for all lending offers, which are given to natural persons-residents of the USA and having such characteristics:

  1. Small amounts, from $200, reaching several thousand dollars but sometimes, conditions say that amounts can be up to $100,000

  2. Having from several days to many dozen months in the payment schedule

  3. Offering from 6% to 175% annual interest

  4. Offered with a commission (fee) for crediting or coming without it

  5. No checking of credit histories of borrowers or doing only soft checks, which do not impact their credit

  6. Adopting decisions on crediting very fast, within minutes or hours after receiving a fully completed application

  7. Nor requiring any collateral

  8. They can be given even to people with bad credit.

As you can see, these are not bank lending options – these are offered by financial institutions located in brick-and-mortar stores all over the country, as well as accepting applications online.

Can I get a 24 hr cash loan?

Regularly, any officially working adult person can apply. Below, we are considering more details of the mentioned lending.

Multiple loan options of weekend cash loans

The money can be required for various reasons (thus, their sums and urgency differ, too):

  • Repairing, changing, updating, and fixing movable and immovable property

  • Healthcare bills

  • Unexpected vacation or holiday trip

  • Arrival of family members or friends you weren’t prepared for

  • Going on an expensive date and other reasons.

Depending on the reason you’re having, you might wanna consider various credit offers, ranging in terms, amounts, interest rates, requirements to borrowers, and more. 

High fees of a weekend loan

If you’re not going to a bank for classical lending, which is super cheap yet burdensome in terms of length of lending application consideration, required papers, and fulfillment of various forms, you are facing an option of going to one of the microfinance organizations on the market, which never offer a low rate. The market is flooded with offers ranging from 10% to 175% annual interest and short terms of repayment, literally, until the next paycheck.

Access to an in-store network of loan companies open on weekend

When you need money really swiftly on a weekend, most offices of payday credit companies are closed and they do not even consider new lending applications on days off. Some of them, however, work on Sat and Sun, so getting cash on hands would be possible if visiting their offices in your town in person. 

Pros and cons of Sunday payday loans


  • It is possible to have real money on days-off (from those brick-and-mortar offices that stay open on weekends)

  • If there is no super urgency, the money comes to the bank account the next banking day after your lending application is approved

  • The possibility to be credited even with a bad credit rating

  • Most working adults in the US automatically qualify for payday lending

  • Wide range of available money limits.


  • A high interest rate and possible commissions for lending money

  • If not in the form of cash from Sat-and-Sun working offices, then the money comes to the bank account only the next working day

  • Due to high cost, it is possible to fall into a lending pit, crediting one loan with another, and yet another.

What do I need to apply for payday loans open today?

Today, modern companies work on the principle of ease of applying for lending. Thus, it is possible to do it on the Internet. The request of a borrower is able to be fulfilled online within minutes (keeping some information handy (like your social security number) would awesomely help in speed). No collateral and, often, no credit check.

FAQ about weekend payday loans

  1. What is the maximum amount I can borrow in 24/7 loans?

The modern financial products offer a tremendous span of sums: from $200 to $100,000.

  1. Can I get 24-hour online loans without a bank account?

Most typically, no but if you show to a lender that you receive your salary income officially and employed legally, then it is possible to qualify for a loan and get it in the form of cash on hands in one of the land-based offices.

  1. How emergency money on Saturday short-term loans received?

If you cannot wait until Monday to have the money transferred to your account in a bank, then find such a company that works on Saturday and get there in person to have loan approval and cash on hand. 

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